How do I manually configure ProXPN on iOS?

You can find manual instructions for configuring ProXPN on iOS below however we recommend that you install the Official iOS ProXPN client from the Apple app store.

1. You should be on your iOS device now. If you are on another system, please open this page on your iOS device.

2. Install the OpenVPN Application from Apple Store then come back to this page.

3. Please follow the link below  to find our locations that supports OpenVPN. Simply select the link and save the file with the extension “.OVPN”.

OpenVPN Seattle

4. Once Safari asked you how to handle the downloaded file please choose “Open in OpenVPN”. It should launch OpenVPN Application and it will be reporting that new Profiles were found. Now you may apply those new Profiles by clicking on a green icon with plus sign in it.

5. Once you have clicked on green icon then OpenVPN client opens connection page for the selected profile. Enter your username and password where it is being prompted. Click on “Save” toggle to save login data for future use and click on Connection toggle.

6. Agree to any questions regarding if OpenVPN may establish this connection.

7. Now you are using OpenVPN and should see framed VPN icon in the left top corner of your device screen.