How do I configure IPSec on Windows 10?

1. Open control panel(Use search box from the taskbar)
2. In control panel, at the upper right look for “View by” and select “Small icons”
3. Go to Network and sharing center
4. Click setup a new connection or network
5. Select “connect to a workplace”, click next
6. Select “No , create a new connection”, click next
7. Select “Use my internet connection(VPN)”, click next
8. Enter the internet address: (for other IPsec server locations please refer here:
9. Enter destination name(enter any name, this will be the connection name shown in your computer), click create
10. Search settings in the taskbar
11. In the settings go to “Network & internet”
12. Click “VPN” then select the new connection that you made
13. Click change adapter options, a new window will come up
14. Right-click the connection adapter(the name you entered earlier will be shown) then click properties
15. Go to security tab and under “Data encryption” select “Require encryption(disconnect if server declines)”
16. Select Use Extensible Authentication Protocol(EAP) then click OK

17. Go back to Network and internet in settings, select the VPN connection and click connect.
18. Go to the link below to verify your IP address: