How do I manually configure ProXPN on Android?

We recommend that you install the Official Android ProXPN Client from the Google Play Store.

If you prefer to setup the VPN manually you may follow the instructions below:

1. You should be on your Android device now. If you are on another system, please open this page on your Android!

2. Install the OpenVPN Application from the Google Play Store. And then come back to this page.

3. Download our openVPN config files here:

4. Once the file is downloaded, Open it. This should launch the OpenVPN Application. Click on the disk image to save the profile.

5. If you would like to Import another City, go back to step 3 again now. Once you have imported all the cities you want, continue.

6. Start the OpenVPN application

7. Click on the location you just imported. Enter your username and password when prompted.

8. Agree to any questions regarding security for this connection.

9. Once you click OK you will connect to the VPN. You can use your device normally now.